5 Best Affordable Hammocks in 2016 that you should buy

Choosing a Portable Hammock stand is not as easy as it seems. Often we tend to be confused as they all come in the same size but are different in the material strength and durability. Hammock stands which are exclusively handy when going on picnics and for outdoor activities have to be carefully chosen  so that they serve your purpose efficiently. That being said, here’s a list of 5 optimised and affordable hammock stands for you. Have a look! tensegrity-stand-camporee-001

Neolite Hammock Stand – Single Parachute: With an affordable price, this hammock stand is made of a high quality material that you can’t possibly find anywhere else. This Neolite Hammock is great for travelling, picnicking, outdoor camping and also trekking. One can blindfolded include this in their backpack due to the extreme durability it provides and due to the light that is allowed which makes it further more convenient. It is available in different colors and patterns.elcos_hammock

Hima Hammocks: Ideally perfect for the outdoor activities, this hammock stand is manufactured out of high 210T breathable nylon fibre and has a capacity of around 550 pounds. The rope is braided and identified by UIAA with an extended diameter of 0.31 inch and strengthened core in the inner side. On the whole, it can accommodate two people and is attached to sturdy carabiners that are made of galvanised steel. Finally, it comes with a warranty that lasts life long.

Yes4All Ultra Light Stand: Yes4All hammock stand is comparatively super light with a weight of around 1lb and can be folded making it easy to carry wherever you go. The stand is made of high quality and durable woven nylon and is 9’10” long. The nylon used contains interlocked stitches that enhance the strength and also is repelling to mildew. Moreover, the hammock stand can also be hung on ‘S’ hooks. It is available in different patterns and colors.

Guide Gear Foldable Portable Hammock: Guide Gear is best suited for all kinds of recreational and relaxation purposes. The model is foldable which is why it is fully portable and only takes few seconds to install. The frame is made of high-strength steel and is 8′ long. The bottom is made of fabric mesh for adequate air circulation. This stand is a single occupancy with a capacity of 225 lb, and it comes with a backpack that has shoulder straps making it easy to carry.

Vivere Double Hammock: This Hammock stand comes in steel and is designed to perform heavy duties and also makes a lot of space. The hammock, on the other hand, is made of cotton and is durable. You can assemble the stand in few minutes without any tools. The dimensions of the hammock are 94*63″ with a length of 130″. It can easily accommodate two people in the hammock and comes with a carrying backpack.

Therefore, choose the best among the above listed based on the budget you have and your priorities. Also go through the different colors and patterns and order them on the most reputed platform for much reliability.

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