Basic Things You Need To Know Before Playing The Escape Room Game

The theme of the escape room is that it is a physical adventurous room where the player are locked in the room and they have to use their sharp skills to came out of the room in a given time.

The basic things you need to know:

  • The first thing you need to before playing the game what is meant by escape room and how to play it.
  • The next one is these games are challenging and really hard probably you will lose the game. But actually as the game is very hard that is the part which makes us think hard and gives fun. Participations medals are given to the participants which makes us feel better.


  • Picking up the best and skilled people in your team makes you win, simply saying the win or lose depends upon the team you have chosen. It is better to have a good mix of people in the group with different skills rather than a team consists of a sales person, programmer, talent artist and writer will be more successful than a group of colleagues with same type of thinking. The main thing here is the better team work.
  • In some escape rooms you need to crawl on the floor so it is better to dress comport and wear comfortable shoes for crawling.
  • The dates are found there in order to bring the more pressure. So the better thing to avoid concern about dates at the beginning.
  • It the team members are not your friends or unknown then you might built some friendship before the start of the game so that feel comport with each and work as a team
  • When you enter the room you need to be more active rather than looking others to solve it. As soon as you enter the room just start playing find the things, move the things, search the things or anything of your interest. Whether you are doing wrong or right just go on.


  • There secrets you found are so fun especially when you are playing a team game. Seriously win or lose will gives a memorable experience.
  • The next thing is don’t felt shy. Actually quiet people offer as much as than the louder so it better to speak whether you are doing right or wrong activity.
  • Whether you win or lose just celebrate it gives you an enthralling experience.

Escape game is one of the Team building activity Singapore gives you ultimate live experience. These group activity requires the logic, leadership skills, patience and team work. Escape rooms game involve in adventure rooms, puzzle breaks etc. are became famous in the team building activity in Singapore. Its works simply the team is locked in the room and you need to break out by finding the hidden objects and solving puzzles locate the key and set free.  But breaking out with in the given time is never easy and only about 20% make their way out and win

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