Why Carrageenan Is Important And The Problems Associated With It

Most of the food manufacturers even the commercial organic food manufacturers make use of carrageenan in their food items to give it the thicker consistency and make the low-fat versions taste good and fuller. It is widely used while preparing yoghurt, soymilk, chocolate and even in ice cream. It is derived from the natural red seaweed and it is often included in most of the beverages in a bid to keep the ingredients separated until it reaches the end users. You will find this additive in most of milk products, nutritional shakes and milk replacements. It is also added in some specific frozen dinners, commercial broth products and soups. Today, it is widely used additive in stored and processed foods because it maintains the freshness of the food for many days and also the nutritional value of the processed food when added in precise quantity.

Reasons for Using Carrageenan


There are many advantages associated with this food additive and it is widely used today for a variety of reasons. Some of the common reasons for using carrageenan include:

  • For thickening things like pancake syrup, marshmallow fluff, ice cream and other foods
  • For emulsification as it helps liquid items to stay mixed and uniform without separating
  • For changing texture of foods like chewing gums
  • This additive can also stabilize the crystals

Why Carrageenan is Important?

When it comes to eat food, people often prefer to have reliable, safe global food supply. This active ingredient is very helpful to keep the beverages and foods nutritious and affordable until it reach the global consumers. When this ingredient is included in any food or beverage then the food can be sent to any long distance region as it keeps the nutrition value of the food intact and fresh, allowing people to have access healthy food with same level of nutrition.


This is the ingredient that replaces fat, sugar and adds texture to the food. It is medically referred as one of many hydrocolloids that may have impact on the future supply of food.

Food Security

It has been estimated that over 10% of people across the world don’t have access to food that they need for their survival. It is very crucial for us to deliver healthful foods and meals to those areas. So this ingredient plays a major role to maintain the integrity of the shelf-stable foods and beverages.

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