Eat Like A King With The Burger King Dollar Menu


Ever had to pass by a Burger King and have no money to eat?

It is exciting to know that food which you love the most is available just for a Dollar.

You heard it right , Burger king dollar menu  if delivering some lip smacking food just for a dollar. You can choose from the value menu what you crave to eat and not worrying about  emptying your wallets.

With the growth in prices for practically everything , we are left with empty pockets . Where we cannot avail or get our hands on what we wish ; be it simple food or luxury alliances.

Though one dollar menu is a common concept for a while , but a food chain such as burger king which has its own brand starting this Burger King dollar menu .

Save your buck , is quite relevant when you think of Burger King dollar menu . if you are not satisfied with the dollar menu you can move to the regular burger menu .


Its been 62 years Burger king has won the hearts of fast food lovers. It has 12,667 outlets across the globe serving to about 11.4 million customers daily .

That satisfaction when you can eat something delicious in just about nothing is awesome.

The value menu includes ;  Famous cheese burger, crispy Chicken , rodeo chicken burger, spicy crispy chicken ,crispy nuggets, salad , soft serve etc.

A dollar sounds pretty less , but here are few other things you can get for a dollar.

Pizza slice in NYC, shampoo, beauty products , Beauty accessories , an oyster during happy hour , feed a poor , a book etc.

Filling your tummy is one side of the story but along with that you get to enjoy the ambience and friendly crowd of  the food chain. And don’t forget the burger king crown .

This dollar menu is likely to be hit among teenagers and kids with a small appetite. Hopefully Burger king includes few other famous fast foods in the Burger King dollar menu .

Fast food is a part of every platter, its high time when all the food joints introduce something new for the customers. And burger King has been always on the top of the favorites list since beginning. It is a great way to make their existing customers happy and also draw attention over new customers.


All dollar / value menus use almost similar strategy as Burger King dollar menu . But Burger King  is likely to be hit if looked upon the average count of customers and orders a day .

Hopefully , this one dollar concept rises to other franchises with reasonable value menus for their outlets and bring back the old school Menu type.

Burger King always comes up with surprises and this time its Burger King dollar menu , where as this dollar concept was on the verge of fading away .