To change one’s mind and life, one should read literature books.

Literature means a set of written books by different authors who write prose and poetry though their imaginative way of thinking. In other words, literature is something where authors and writers write different books on a particular subject. Reading English literature books and novels helps us to improve our knowledge and also helps in improving the vision of thinking. By reading more literature books, we can take better decisions in life. For some people reading books is for time pass but for others reading English literature books are a passion and the love towards books. Literature books are a good companion for a person on his/her at every mood. There are so many Indian writers who have written awesome books and novels which help in knowing more on every aspects of life. There are plenty of literature books written by Indian authors. For eg; Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali. Gitanjali written by RabindranathTagore, a book of poems translatingfrom Bengali to English. There are eminent authors in English literature. R.K.Narayan, Shobha de, Khushwant Singh, Salman Rushdie etc who has written awesome books for their readers.research

Shashi Deshpande is a famous Indian writer in the field of literature. One of her notable book isthat long silence where it explains about typical Indian women of a middle class family. It talks about the realistic life on every Indianwoman in the society. She got Sahitya Akademi Award for this wonderful book written by Shashi Deshpande. كتب on literature is not so easy. In fact, one has to have a deeper knowledge on a particular subject. Writing on literature can be anything. For eg; writing on biography, writing on history, writing on one’s life experiences and also writing on imaginative things or taking its readers to the imaginative world. There are so many Indian writers whohave written different variety of books which talks about poetry, realistic life, biography and also the imaginative stories. Reading literature books is very interesting and informative too. Most important is that, understanding each and every line is very difficult because it has a deeper meaning in every single line. Understanding the idea of what the author is talking about is also very important. Students who have taken literature in colleges, only, such students can understand English literature better because they are trained to understand and trained to write in the field of literature. Literature does not mean only English, it could be any

Finally, literature is not just a subject but it is beyond that. Writing on literature is not so easy and it is not for everyone. Reading books and novels is not just a companion for a person it is more than a companion because reading books enlightens one mind in various issues. Everybody should make a habit of reading books on literature. This helps in refreshing one’s mind and also makes us wiser. This is the best way to refresh our mind.

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