How to Cosplay Anime Characters

The art of imitating characters from video games, manga and anime is known as cosplay. In the beginning, cosplay was used in Japan. However, time has changed and now people from all over the world use cosplay through communities and other means. Here are some ways you can get yourself involved in this world of re-enactment.

  • Choose your Character: You can choose your favourite character from a band, movie, comic or a show. It can even be an imaginary character. In fact, it is not necessary that you need to cosplay only Japanese characters but even Chinese or American characters. In fact, you can also cosplay the opposite gender which is trending factor nowadays.
  • Observe your Character: Before you can cosplay a character, you should also learn more about the characteristics of the character. Observe the way your character walks, talks and dresses. To know more about the character, you can also browse about your character and learn about it. You can also look into your character by reviewing the various series and mangas that it appears in.
  • Plan your costume: What is cosplay without a proper costume? Make sure that you match the looks of your character. In general, all characters have a specific outfit that they wear on a regular basis. For example, if your character likes to wear baggy pants in a specific colour, then you can choose the same type to wear for cosplay.
  • Style your hair: Other than the costume, you can also do your hair the exact way as your character; this includes colour and style of your hair. Moreover, there is also the eye colour that you need to co-ordinate. Sometimes you will also have to wear wigs and lenses that will help you become the character physically.
  • Accessorize: Depending on what your character carries by default, you can also carry the same. This includes something that they wear as part of their attire, like a hat or a purse.
  • Budget: This is one of the crucial things that you need to consider before even deciding to buy cosplay costumes. Match your character by managing to pull out the perfect replica of it within your budget. Also when your character has more details, it will be difficult to add all the essential add-ons well within your budget.
  • Practise Makes Perfect: If you want to cosplay, practise to do so as many times as possible. Sometimes, it will take some time to cosplay the character and this requires you to be familiar with yourself.

When you decide on the character that you want to choose, you should make sure that you will be able to play the character well and it will suit you properly. When you practise make sure to look at yourself at full length in the mirror and see if you can match your character in looks. Finally observe the attitude of character and try to enact the same way to give your cosplay the final touch.

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