Digital Picture Frame: Showcase Memories Digitally

If you are a kind of person who owns a digital camera and has too many photos to display on a single conventional picture frame, then digital picture frame is the gadget for you. Why display only one image on your mantel or wall when you can put up a hundred? Yes, we know you can always view your favorite photos on your smartphone or on a computer, but we have a better and hassle-free way to display your most cherished memories.


A digital picture frame is a device about the size and shape of a conventional picture frame. One of the differentiation is that it is equipped with a high resolution LCD monitor, which displays multiple photos in a slideshow format. A digital picture frame is easy to use and quite convenient. You can display your images in a slideshow order, where one image is replaced by the other after a certain amount of time. Most digital frames provide the flexibility of displaying images in either landscape or portrait orientation with the help of frame’s auto-rotation feature. Some also allow users to view two pictures at once with split-screen feature.

While some digital frames have to be plugged-in to an AC supply, others operate on built-in rechargeable batteries. The latter are more convenient and can be used even if there’s no outlet in the vicinity.

We all have that one technically-challenged relative who refuses to deal with the latest gadgets. It’s time to enlighten them with the benefits of the digital boom with this easy-to-use and hassle-free device. Just populate a digital frame with your most memorable family pictures and gift it to your loved ones. They are usually quite affordable and are loaded with features that makes it more than just a simple picture frame.


Most digital picture frames are stuffed with features that might surprise you. Apart from being a true picture viewer, digital frames usually come with built-in speakers to play audio or video sounds for a mesmerizing experience. Just plug-in your MP3 player and enjoy music along with your cherished memories or simply connect a smartphone or tablet to the frame to watch video files on the LCD screen. Some of the frames like the NIX Hu-Motion is loaded with the remarkable feature of detecting human movement up to 7 feet away from the frame. The motion sensor automatically powers the device on or off when one enters or leaves the room. Other frames can be either remote-controlled or touch-screen controlled.

You have the flexibility to view the images either as random slideshows or create your own playlist of specific pictures. Some digital frames include calendar, alarm and clock functions so that you can restore your old-fashioned clock with a sleek and elegant looking digital frame.



A digital picture frame allows display of pictures directly from a digital camera’s memory card. Other alternatives to load photos into a digital frame include uploading pictures through the device’s internal memory or via a USB drive, or wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. The internal storage capacity of a digital frame may range from a mere 2MB to 4 GB.Most frames allow users to expand the internal memory by installing high-capacity memory cards. A digital picture frame may even connect to the internet to share and upload pictures from image-sharing sites such as Picasa, Flicker or from e-mail.


As the frame would be used for room’s décor, choosing the one that fits in perfectly is essential.There are frames that offer a variety of styles and designs – some are available in real wood, which look more like the conventional photo frames, others come in plastic and appears as a computer screen. The frames come in different colors and sizes which range from 7 inches to 20 inches.

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