Dol Medical Programs

As an employee it is only natural you would be interested in understanding the benefits that are made available to you. Benefits not only offered by the company but by the government as well. It is great to know that there are programs available to help ease your needs. One of the most sought after or inquired benefit are the ones related to medical needs. This is understandable as payment for medical procedures can be expensive. The Department of Labor (DOL) luckily has agencies like the Office of Workers Compensation (OWCP) to help workers. Visiting a Texas DOL doctor, for example, if you are in the area of Texas could be helpful in claiming benefits. You may be surprised to know that not all doctors are familiar with the specific needs when it comes to medical benefit claim system like in the OWCP. So it is best to seek assistance from a doctor who has clear knowledge of the system as it will definitely make things easier for you during the claiming process.

Choice Of Doctors

There are numerous doctors available for employees to get a consultation with. If you decide to avail of the assistance from OWCP you are allowed to choose whichever doctor you would like to consult your disease or injury with. It is important to note that obtaining a medical report from them is a must. This will be a supporting document for your claim. As mentioned earlier, it is important for the doctor to be familiar with the system. Depending on what program in the OWCP you will fall in there are different statutes and regulations that applies. The doctor needs to know what specifically needs to be stated in the medical report so that the claimant can pass the assessment of claims. Some doctors who are unfamiliar can be unspecific in writing a medical report which would make it hard for the claimant. It is easier if the doctor specifically knows what you need done to get the claim.

Employer Report

Another thing you will need to be able to submit when filing for a claim is a report from your employer pertaining to the incident wherein you got the injury or about the nature of your work. It will help prove that you sustained the injury or disease because of your workplace. Another factor to consider is that the medical report by your doctor should connect with the report from your employer. Otherwise, there is a high possibility your claim may be declined.

Rehabilitation Assistance

In the case that you should need rehabilitation for your injuries you can rest assured that the DOL agencies like the OWCP is in partnerships with both public and private agencies that offer various rehabilitation programs. That means you are given access to what you specifically need and allows you certain flexibility when it comes to the rehabilitation program you will be receiving. This is great as you will be able to rehabilitate according to your need and with experts in the field. Not only that but the OWCP rehabilitation program also gives priority in aiding the claimant in getting reemployment with the previous employer or maybe employment elsewhere. Employment at a workplace where the non-disabled employees have no advantage over the claimants and where they can be treated fairly.

Should you be concerned about medical benefits rest assured that the DOL has agencies set up to help you out in terms of medical needs. Just make sure that you meet the requirements for the claim and to submit the supporting documents. You and your dependents can definitely benefit from this and it is helpful.

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