Dota 2 Calibration: How It Works?

MMR is the single most important thing among all DOTA players. With a greater MMR comes a tougher, longer game play. This MMR is so important that a lot of boosters and tips on how to increase it are actually up and very well searchable online. Some people find it difficult to play over and over again, and therefore opt for the easier method of increasing MMR, which is through availing of booster services at a price. Dota 2 Calibration is basically the science behind this MMR, and how it increases over time.


Dota 2 Calibration is something which is widely debated among Dota 2 players and enthusiasts. The reason for this is because they would want to find a way to work around the system to have MMRs increased safely yet fairly. As with other games, a lot of programming goes into these games and MMR most definitely has to do with a lot of statistics and mathematics.

The official gaming webpage for Dota 2 does not have any precise information as to how MMR is calibrated, modified, or calculated, and a lot of the enthusiasts believe that this has not been updated for a long time already. Having said that, they have come up with what they believe are factors which contribute and influence Dota 2 calibration, which include KDA, or kill-death-assist ratio, Last hits or denies, damage to tower, match length, healing, buff, de-buffs, and ally heroes, clicks per minute, wards placed, neutral skating, healing, and damage to enemy heroes.


On the other hand, things which are not included in the calibration of MMR are cosmetic items, total hours spent playing, Dota 2 and Steam levels, in-game items, and the level of compendium. This simply means that all of these, no matter how low or high they actually are, have no impact or influence of any sort on the MMR. Carries, or heroes with high powers also have a great influence on the MMR.

When it comes to playing as well, it would always be great for you to have a minimum number of deaths while having a great number of kills, as this increases your MMR. Other Dota 2 elements which are effective include supports, which could be used to add to the advantage of the entire squad, instead of merely focusing on getting gold and other items, which do not contribute to MMR calibration.

Just recently, the International Battle Pass has already been released, thereby allowing you to have your MMR recalibrated. In order for you to do so, you simply have to play at the International Ranked Queue. It would take more than 40 games for you to replace your old MMR with a new one, the moment the International 2016 gets finished. There are several boosters as well which enable you to enjoy the benefits of the re-calibration.

Over-all, with time and patience in playing the game, alongside strategies and observing tips comes a calibrated MMR.

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