Effective Wi-Fi Passers

WiFi passer and hackers have been around since people needed Wi-Fi connections but don’t or can’t pay for them, yes a lot of us are guilty. Okay, so yes you can find your fair share of Wi-Fi passers and hackers online but how to know which one is the best? It’s obvious that they can’t all be the best, so you typically look for a bunch of Wi-Fi hacking software and look at their individual reviews. It may be a noble approach, but a time consuming on all the same; besides, nobody really has the time and effort for all of that.

Since we don’t want you to go through all of that effort and frustrating for a potential Wi-Fi hacking application that may or may not work, we have provided a couple of suggestions that you might want to look into. In case you’re quite hesitant about these apps then you can always look for their reviews. At the very least, you have a starting point and a shortened list.



In terms of applications that decrypt any WEP encryption on just about any Wi-Fi network, AirSnort is considered as one of the best options. AirSnort is also free and it comes with any Linux or Windows platform. Keep in mind that although this isn’t maintained anymore, it’s still readily available for download from multiple websites.

AirSnort basically works by passively monitoring just about any transmission and computation multiple encryption keys. Before AirSnort can effectively monitor the said transmissions, it needs to wait for enough packets. Many users have stated that incredibly easy to ease, in case you’re interested then you can make use of this software to crack WEP passwords.


Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is a popular password cracking tool, specifically developed to intercept network traffic and also discover passwords. If you’re wondering how the Cain and Abel software does its password discovery, it does so by practically forcing the password with the help of cryptanalysis methods. Not only that, but it can also recover wireless network keys just by analyzing the routing protocols. The latest versions of the software is considerably faster and has a lot more features like APR, this actually allows the searching and switching of LANs and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. In case you’re willing to learn various wireless security as well as password cracking then this application is definitely a must.

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