Eliminating Man Boobs Using Dietary

When it comes to sculpting a masculine physique, growing muscles and losing fat, you have to check out on your diet for it to work. So even if you are on a tight workout, it won’t work unless you combine it with a good diet. This means that diet is the most important thing to focus on when you are working on eliminating man boobs. Check out more information about diet and man boobs elimination at Here are some of the best diets to consider taking:

Cauliflower Rice Recipe 

If you love rice and yet you are dieting to get rid of man boobs, then cauliflower is the way to go. If you make sure that your diet has cauliflower rice, then you are on your way to losing man boobs.  Normal rice makes man boobs grow while cauliflower rice makes them disappear. If your diet involves eating starchy foods such as rice, white potatoes, chapatis, cereals, noodles and pasta, then you are unlucky because you will gain more in terms of man boobs. When you eat carbs, it converts to fats and when you get fatter, more estrogen is produced in the body and the combination of high estrogen and low testosterone will automatically give you man boobs. So stick with the cauliflower rice recipe.

Whey Protein

This is a byproduct of cheese making which means it contains milk. If you are on a diet to lose man boobs, it will mean you have to avoid milk  as it normally accounts for 80% of estrogen in the human diet. Drinking pasteurized milk leads to decrease in testosterone and an increase in estrogen. Most of these hormones are in the fat portion of the milk and that is why whey protein comes in handy  as it is milk less fat, meaning, it might have no estrogen or very little if any. Make sure that you take the way protein isolate as it has little or no sugar or hormones but rich in proteins. A good supply of whey proteins will help in boosting muscle growth, which in turn helps in testosterone boosts when you do your workouts and thus eliminate man boobs overtime.

Garry’s Man Boob Curry

There is power in delicious cooked meals as they can help in reducing man boobs as they contain ingredients which fight them.  If you put garlic into your food, it contains compounds of Sulfur, Flavonoids,and  phytochemicals. The aforementioned decreases  stress hormone cortisol and increase testosterone thereby decreasing estrogen and in the process, reducing the man boobs.  Onions have the same properties with garlic and also has a high level of the flavonoids quercetin. The quercetin reduces body fats too. The onions normally boost testosterone level while improving sperm quality in males. Carrots also  contain beta carotene which has a lot of vitamin A. the beta-carotene helps in the losing man boobs.

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