Everything About Goose Hunting Covered!

Snow Geese or scientifically, Chen caerulescens, is a bird which has earned the reputation of being one of the most difficult birds to hunt. This bird is a harbinger of spring season with a striking ability to change colours. Generally it is grey or dark brown in colour but some species are even light blue. That is why they are also referred to as blue geese.

The best time for goose hunting is considered as spring because of enough availability of food and water thereby increasing the chances of successful hunts. During spring there is a specific pattern of these birds, they try to push their heads northwards but upon reaching the snow line, this northward momentum gets stopped so the trick is “to find the line in order to find your potential geese.”


Other Interesting Facts to Know

  • Snow geese hunting is services are very popular in areas of Missouri & South Dakota.
  • A typical Hunting day in such camps consists of meeting about an hour before the actual shooting.
  • The best time to shoot is to shoot about half an hour before sunrise which can extend over till noon.
  • For a beginner, the number of successful hunts can range from 10 to 20.However,one thing that should always be kept in mind is that in hunting there are always some days where you will end up completely disappointed.


  • Such hunting service providers usually provide a week long training before the actual hunting can begin. The types of guns and other weapons are provided by the camps but using your own gun is a better option after you get accustomed to the dos and don’ts of Hunting

If you find pleasure in Hunting and you are looking forward to some fun experience, better book an appointment before the spring strikes and enjoy having an exciting Hunting experience.



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