Golf Perth, A Summary Of Golfing In Perth – Scotland And Australia

Golf is an international outdoor game played in a sprawling ground with in-built holes, known as golf curse.. The sport is played with a metallic stick curved at one end. Using this stick  one has  to hit small round white balls , the size of a table tennis ball. The goal is to tuck this balls into small holes made in the ground. The person able to do so in the least time is a winner. The level of difficulties might be increased by introducing certain tracks and hurdles in the path. This is a posh time consuming game – primarily played by famous and affluent people. Specially businessmen and celebrities. However this is quite popular as an amateur sports though it isn’t listed in the Olympic games. Usually you need a golf course to play this sport.

This game is quite popular all over the world specially US, UK and Australia. Hence, golf courses are readily available in these countries. Nearly all golf courses are owned by some club or association and you order to play in it you need to be the member of the organization. Members of these organizations are allowed to participate in various national and international golf competitions. Perth, is a well known citadel of golf in scotland,UK and its namesake in Perth, Capital of Southern Australia.. Golf perth is golfing activities in this 2 distinct areas located in 2 corners of the world. They are bustling with events, clubs and golf courses owned by these clubs.


Golf  courses in perth, Australia

Perth boasts of sprawling acres of golf courses owned by  some of its prestigious golf clubs or associations. A few of them are listed below.

  • Canning vale country club has 3 golf courses well suited for beginners and short games. The place is surrounded by lakes and water bodies. Thus offering a cool environment.it has bars and lounges for relaxing.
  • Wembley golf complex has 2 golf courses. It is the most prestigious golf course in perth with well lined up trees and plush green luxurious bushland area. It is suitable for professional players. The golf courses are of 36 holes and 18 holes settings.
  • Joondalup country club presents golf courses with wide range of varieties. They have dense bush land, limestone quarries, lakes and water bodies all through the course. This gives it a versatility and difficulty level required for professional playing.
  • Rottnest Island club presents a 9 holed picturesque golf course consisting of swamps, lakes, bushlands. It is ideal for family group outings and for businessmen to taking a day off  enjoying the game and the place.
  • The links kennedy bay golf course is a coastal golf course situated near the indian ocean. It is filled with coastal structures, undulating lands and bankers. Thus such a geograhically rich terrain tests the skills of players.
  • Secret harbour golf links is a 18 holed golf course in the coastal areas. It has bunkers , sand dunes, oceanic landscape – all making it an ethereal experience. It provides you with traditional authentic scottish golfing feeling. It always makes to the list of top 10 golf courses in australia for 50 bucks.
  • The vines resort and golf club presents one of the best golf courses in perth. It has a 18holes ground surrounded by wildlife and situated in a picturesque valley surrounded by hills.
  • El Caballo golf courses with its rich bushland, bunkers, trees, rock drains, lakes and ponds is a dream place for any golfer.

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Golfing courses in Perth, Scotland in UK

Golf perth is controlled by a no.of  golfing societies in Scotland. There are 4 principal golfing societies in perth.

  • Royal Perth Golfing Society was formed in 1824. It was bestowed with royal patronage by king Willian VI in 1833. it was a first of its kind initiative in the golfing arena. It is the most prestigious golfing society in Perth, Scotland
  • Gleneagles Hotel started operating in Perth in 1924. Its illustrious golf course and association soon made it a number one destination for the elite golf loving people of the society. The association has 3 world class courses – the king’s course, the queen’s course and the PGA centenary There is another course called Wee course. This is a 9 holed course. Together they have hosted various golfing tournaments like the Ryder’s cup. Women’s british open, glasgow herald tournament, Curtis cup, Scottish Open etc.
  • King James VI golf club was founded in 1858. It is a river island golf course located near river tay. It is one of the oldest ones located in South Inch. It is named after King James VI. It hosted the first inter-club golf tournament in 1860, 2 years after its inception.
  • North Inch is 54 hectares of public park in perth.


Golfing tournaments in Perth Australia

Uk is known for its international golfing tournaments. Some of it are mentioned above. Similarly golf in perth, australia has certain world class golfing events. This includes the prestigious perth international tournament held in october every year. Jointly hosted by European tour and PGA tour of Australasia . Other tournaments include the Heineken classic and and Handa Australian Senior Open. Heineken classic started in1993 an lasted till 2005. It is a men’s golf tournament.  The handa Australian Senior Open is still continuing. It is an integral part of PGA legends tour of Australia. From 1995-2012, it is dominated by australians who have been champions for 6times.

Overall this provides a summary of golf perth – golfing in perth.

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