Government crematorium in Singapore

Mandai Crematorium is one of the crematoriums, which are located in Singapore in Mandai area. This crematorium is functioned by the government of Singapore. It is operated under the National Environment Agency of Singapore. It is located just below the Sembawang Air Base in the map of Singapore. Mandai crematorium is one of the most popular locations in whole of Singapore because of its adaptation to new technology for cremation of dead people.7712430_orig

Terms and conditions

Let’s understand the terms and conditions related to the same:

  • The applicant should first fix the appointment at Mandai crematorium for application for cremation.
  • Documents like the original death certificate, NRIC and letter of authorization should be verified before application.
  • The size of coffin should not exceed 210*60*56 cm.
  • All cancellations and change of dates should be in done during office hours only.Thailand, Bangkok, Wat Pho, Reclining Buddha

Booking Application

If you desire to take an experience of this unique place, let’s know about how you can make an advance booking;

  • The booking should be in between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Payment should be done if crematorium office.
  • Payment modes accepted here NETS, cash cards, Credit Cards.

Mandai crematorium is the final place for almost all people of the Singapore. One can get an appointment before taking the body for cremation. Being located in the prime location of Singapore it is one of the major places for cremation of Singaporeans. Since it incorporates the use of new technologies, Mandai Crematorium is one of the most popular places in the south of Singapore. The booking number for this crematorium is +65655456755. One can dial on this number can get complete information regarding the application at this place. Address of Mandai crematorium is 300 Mandai Rd, Singapore 779393. The crematorium will only be operated during the office hours. Since it is operated by the government of Singapore, a very minimalistic fee is required for application of the user and booking a place for cremation. All the documents are verified before the application so it is necessary for each applicant to carry all the complete documents. The size of the coffin is to be pre-booked by the applicant during the application process. The Mandai crematorium is operated under the environment agency, which is issued in order to prevent the environment. So is you are planning to make a reservation at Mandai crematorium, just follow all the rules and regulations and go for it.

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