Handling E Liquids Carefully

By now, you probably know that e liquid is a combined ratio of VG, PG, nicotine, and flavoring. The levels of these chemical compounds vary depending on the type of e-liquid you use. You can get to a level of mixing these elements together on your own to get your most desired taste. You can get any type of flavor you wish just by mixing up the compounds appropriately. However, it is very important to know how to handle these chemicals safely.

  • Handle Nicotine Carefully

Nicotine is a very delicate chemical and it can enter the body through ingestion and absorption as well. With this in mind, you should be very careful when handling your e liquids because nicotine can be absorbed through your skin. It is advisable to wear protective clothing such as gloves and goggles to avoid any contacts with the chemical. In turn, you also keep your e-juice safe from contaminations while protecting yourself from being poisoned at the same time.

  • Do Not Leave You E Liquid Open

When mixing up your e juice, try to make sure that the mixture is always stored in an airtight container. This is mainly because the chemical compounds in the e liquid can easily react with air and heat to form other different compounds. When this happens, the flavor and color of the liquid changes and it becomes a totally different product.

  • Store Carefully

When done with your e liquid, always make sure that it is stored in a safe lockable place. However, if you cannot find a lockable place, put it in a high hard to reach location. This is most especially if you have children in your house.

  • Know What You Are Vaping

E liquids come in different proportions of nicotine. Make sure that you know the right levels that you should take. If you don’t know, consult a physician. On the other hand, you can start with small dosages as you climb higher depending on your cravings to avoid being poisoned.

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