Harmful Effects of Cheap E Juice

What is E Juice?

E juice is the fuel used in most of the electronic cigarettes. They are made up of four main ingredients which are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine. Vegetable glycerin is used as the base for e juice. Propylene glycol mixed with the Vegetable glycerin is part of the base. The common ratio for mixing these two is 50/50 and 80.20 of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin respectively or it could also be just vegetable glycerin.

There are also different flavorings that could be added to e juice. Companies make sure that these flavorings are food grade level so that it would not have harmful effects on the body of its user. These food flavorings that they use in e juice are also used in food products such as candies. The companies also resort to making their own unique flavors so that they can be distinguishable and come up as unique. There is even a flavor called birthday cake. e-juice-reviews-rainbow

Nicotine is an optional ingredient for e juice. In an e juice that contains nicotine, there are also different levels of nicotine content. It mainly depends on the company or the laws in the place that it is being produced. There are places that allow the use of nicotine in e juice but there are also other locations that made this

Effects of Cheap E Juice to the Body

There have been numerous studies conducted in order to discover the effects of e juice in the body. Through these studies, it is found out that the effects of e juice depend on the materials that are used when making the e juice. Subpar materials and ingredients are not safe when used because they contain more chemicals that can be quite toxic to the human body. And these subpar materials are usually used in making cheap e juice.

PG can dry throats and it can even cause mild allergic reactions to some users. A high level of propylene glycol also means that the vapor will be thicker. The vapors emitted in e cigarettes come from the e juice which can be quite toxic. E juice that is used to create the vapor has the capacity to breakdown into chemicals because of the heat and the toxic gas that it produces. This means that the hotter an e cigarette is, the larger amount of toxic vapors it can released.

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