How To Flirt and Enjoy It

Everyone all over the one in one way or another in their lifetime, do flirt.  Flirting is playfully showing how romantically attracted you are to someone.  To  show that you are ready to get flirty with someone, you will already be romantically inclined to them and they towards you. It might be tough to start a flirten conversation, but once you start, it will seem like a child’s play. Whether you are flirting in person, online or via texting. Don’t reveal too much about what you really feel from the bottom of your love heart . Here are some tips on how to go about a successful flirtation.

When Flirting in Person

A flirten feeling towards a person you have just met might be hard to express. You might feel shy and even lack ways to express yourself. The best thing is to make eye person with the person you are flirting with. If you it is possible, with breaks, keep an eye contact with your crush so that you keep things less tense. Avoid staring as it will create a bad impression, just give the person small stares. You should keep doing it until the person notices that you are communicating something to them. Hold the gaze for a second, throw in a smile and then look away. 2016-04-21-1461265658-5144778-datingapp

Once you start talking, look into their eyes when you talk especially when paying a compliment to whatever they are saying. You can as well wink or raise your eyebrows at your crush and make sure you use it sparingly,  especially when you are looking at someone across the room


In order to win a flirten affair, keep a wide smile. People like being in the company of a smiling face. Use those pearly whites to the best of your advantage before even you start the conversation. Smile when you bypass them in the halls, at the library and even across the room. A smile communicates a lot and will make your flirt want to return the same to you and from there, a conversation will automatically ensue. Avoid grinning from ear to ear, just a small smile will do the trick. You can smile while making eye contact, smile slowly, and even try smiling with your eyes and not just the mouth. The smile should come brighten your entire face.

Whatever you do, make sure that the flirten works for you.

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