Important Basics, Advantages and Disadvantages of Tig Welding

The Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) is used in the welding process. A non-consumable tungsten electrode delivers current to a welding arc. Both the weld puddle, tungsten are protected, cooled using the inert gas (argon). Micro welding like Tig welding is the latest equipment in the welding technology. Micro welding offers better control of the weld placements. It also maintains structural integrity. Apart from Tig welding, micro welding also incorporates other methods, that using lasers. To become a tig welder, learning tig welding basics is important.

Tig Welding Basics Some of the important tig welding basics are as follows:-


Such type of welding is mostly used for metals, very much like the gas welding, this welding process uses a tungsten electrode to create an arc, heat required for welding purposes. Tig welding produces neat welds. It is important to adopt safety measures prior starting welding process. The welding paraphernalia includes mask, gloves, leather welding jacket, welding screen. The tig welders need to wear the basic welding attire, heavy cotton shirts, trousers, and shoes. The welding process should be carried out in a well-ventilated chamber. The welder has to adhere to certain safety norms during the entire welding process. More importantly, the welding process is not that easy and requires the professionals to undergo training in order to become trained welders.

It is because of this, learning how to weld becomes all the more important. There are available numerous online resources from where the tig welders can draw information about the tig welding process

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tig Welding:

A current source (Alternating or Direct) allows manual electrode welding/Tig welding. Contemporary machines are fitted with advanced microprocessors. With the Tig system, the overall quality of welding is better. With non-ferrous metals (copper), the Tig welders are a good choice. However, such welding has its own disadvantages. The welding process can be complicated requiring skills on the part of the welders. The TIG welder needs to have greater accuracy, control in using the different welding items like the torch, filler rods. Other disadvantages of the tig welding process are that it is time-consuming when compared with other methods. The tig welder is expected to deliver high-quality work. The welding processes need welders to adopt to take appropriate safety measures to avert any type of untoward incidents.


There are websites, online contents which offer useful on the tig welding, micro welding basics. The websites allow prospective individuals who aspire to be the best tig welders on tips of welding, how it is done, its advantages as well as its disadvantages.


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