The Leceister City Of The Bundesliga

It feels so great that regular sports is back and now people like us don’t have to spend their weekends getting all bored and forcing ourselves to watch some lame ass television show. Football is back and you can look at this site for the latest updates on sports.

There is a new star in town. RB Leipzig has taken the Bundesliga by storm. This team which wasn’t being allowed to participate some seasons ago due to ownership problems is on top of the league now with long time league commanders Bayern Munich, 3 points behind them. This team after being acquired by Red Bull this team has grown a lot under the management Ralph Hassenhuttl. The team has acquired some promising talents after the heavy investments by its owners. The young squad has played a total of 245 games in Germany’s five different tiers after being found in 2009. It took the squad just 11 games to finish Bayern Munich’s 39 game run at the top of the table and are also the first new comers to go on a 11 match unbeaten run with having won 8 out of their 11 games and drawing the rest three. They have truly been historic in their rise to the top in the first third of the season and these are definitely exciting times for the entire team.

You can definitely see this team turn out to be the Leicester City of the Bundesliga and they have certain players who are performing very well. Naby Keita and Timo Werner have both impressed in the midfield with both being the driving force in the team. Naby Keita is a very complete midfielder who has garnered a lot of attention from the Premier League clubs. Emil Frosberg who plays the number 10 role behind Youssuf Poulsen and David Selke has impressed a lot. Their right, Lukas Klosterman may be up for the regular right back job or the German National Team. They even signed a very talented English striker who is just 19 years old. He is fast and has very good control but is yet to find his feet for the club, but considering his age, he will be given time.

The team is still hated because in Germany football teams are not commercially owned like this club is and supporters do have a share in the club which isn’t allowed in this club with the implementation of high fees. This is affecting the culture of the fans and most are very angry and are showing it.

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