Looking For A Fresh And Fun Game To Play?

Everyone loves to play games irrespective of their age and with the introduction to Smartphones people now enjoy playing games no matter where they are. While people initially needed to invest in gaming consoles or videogames to play games, they can now download games from the app store on their mobile phones and enjoy playing them no matter where they are. Most of the games available on the app store are free to download, however not all these games are popular. If you love playing games, but you are bored of the same old games then you need to download color switch.

Color switch has been the most popular game on the Android platform for a long time. This game can be downloaded for free on all android, iOS and Windows mobile phones. This single player game is a highly addictive game that people of all age groups enjoy playing. If you have not tried out the game yet, you need to download it and see just how much fun you have playing it.


Unlike most other games available on the app store, this game is different and it makes you put your mind to work. Although the game looks very easy to play, it’s actually quite tough.  People who have crossed some of the toughest levels on other games find it hard to clear the first level of color switch. This is mainly because color switch needs you to put your mind to work and focus. While other games promote destruction and violence, color switch is different and it helps to exercise your mind and increase your level of concentration. While it might take you a while to get the hang of the game, once you begin playing it you will enjoy it and you will find it hard to put your phone down.

If your child is addicted to their Smartphone and they are playing violent games, download this game on their phone and encourage them to play it. Once they get used to it they will not want to stop playing. While the game is addictive, it is a great way to exercise your mind and this is why it is one game that you should try.


While it is a single player game, the motivation level to play the game is high. This is because there is a leader board on the game that shows you the top player’s names. This list keeps pushing you to do better so you too can see your name on the list. There are multiple levels in the game and each level is tougher than the other. You can also customize the movement of the game and challenge yourself to harder levels in order to increase your reflexes and thinking capacity. While it seems like a game that you can get bored of quickly, the truth is once you’re hooked on to it, you will not feel like playing any other game on your Smartphone. For once, this is a game that parents will encourage their kids to play.

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