What Makes Clash Of Clans The Favorite Game Among The Youth?

Clash of clans is one such game that is found in almost every smartphone. This game is a strategy based game that is engaging and there are a lot of fans of this game. The basic plot of game Clash of clans revolves around your village where the player is the chief and has to take care of everything that happens in the village.  Apart from this any player can attack other villages to earn Gold, elixir, Dark elixir and trophies. Players are featured into different leagues depending on their trophies. So in order to enter into higher leagues and earn bigger bonus some players have started to hack clash of clans.  By hacking the game they have the upper hand on the defending village and win most of the battles. Now let us look at some of the features of Clash of Clans that makes people go mad and even hack it:


  • Great graphics: The game Clash of Clans has amazing graphics that look great even on a 4 inch mobile screen. The display of the game is colourful as there are a lot of things that are of different colours combined in a single frame which makes the appearance of the game really nice.
  • Large number of troops: The army in Clash of Clans features a large number of characters that possess several different characteristics. Some of the most famous characters are the Giants, Wizards, archers and the dragon. The P.e.k.k.a. and golem are also very popular but they can be unlocked in the higher stages of the game.


  • Clans: The concept of clans is what makes this game more engaging than others. Players from anywhere in the world can join any clan. By joining a clan players can get into clan wars and share troops with a clan mate if needed.
  • Millions of Users across the globe: Clash of Clans claims to have over one hundred million active users every day. The reach of the game speaks for its quality.


  • Chat: There are over one hundred active users that play Clash of Clans every day and they can interact with each other through the global chat option. Global chat is majorly used to add new players in your clan and to interact with people who are a part of the game.
  • Heroes: While the troops get into wars with other villages. Heroes like Barbarian king not only get into wars with other villages but also guard the village in case of any attacks.
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