Why You Must Own Turkish Towels

A relatively new fad in the market is the huge demand for turkish towels. They are known by other names such as Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels. Normal towels used at home can be big and bulky requiring a considerable amount of drying and storage place. This makes them an extremely bad choice for travelling and a very high maintenance, so to say, object to use on a daily basis. Travellers substitute these towels with the pack towel.


However, these are pretty small in size and also tend to pick up a musty smell after some amount of uses. This makes their usage extremely uncomfortable.  A saviour to all of these problems is the Turkish towel. Turkey is known to be one of the best places for cotton materials and Turkish towels boast of being 100% cotton. These towels are unique to Turkey. They use long fibre cotton which goes to say that they have fewer joins and hence becomes smoother and stronger and are thus extremely soft, fluffy and a comfy option to pamper yourself.

At every stage of processing the towels are inspected to ensure best quality. Besides, the biggest cause of attraction to these towels are their ability to absorb water despite being thin enough to take almost no storage place at all and their ability to dry quickly after use. As if not being a blessing already, these towels become softer and fluffier with every wash given.Most towels cause one to compromise on aesthetic appearance to gain a better usability but Turkish towels come in bright colours and good colour combinations looking quite pleasing to the eye.

Although a lot of people prefer the white towels because they can be bleached and also never go out of fashion or get discontinued.  Owing to their functionality and appeal they can be used as bath towels, beach towels, yoga or picnic spreads, sarongs, blankets and even scarfs and baby blankets quite effectively. These towels, besides local shops, can be found online. Easy offers a wide range of Turkish towels in different sizes, patterns and colours with prices starting under $10 USD.Ebay allows you to purchase different styles of Turkish towels directly from Turkey. Some of them require you to bid on them and others can be directly bought. Turkish-T offer towels for different uses like bath, baby, beach, hand, etc. Loomed also is a site specially designed for the selling of Turkish towels.

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