Neopets Continues To Remain An Addiction

One of the earliest online games that swept the globe with its creativity and simplicity is Neopets. This virtual pets game requires that the users do just the simple task of keeping the pets well-fed. In the process, it also requires that you earn Neopoints in order to buy the Neopets food and other essentials. It teaches the value of taking care of pets in the virtual world. Neopets is also said to be one of the stickiest games online as it makes one sit hours together to play the game. Neopets was first developed by Adam Powell in the year 1999 along with his colleague Donna Williams.

Why is Playing Neopets Good?


Playing Neopets is quite addictive, but in the process, it also serves as an educational site which provides its users with good values such as the ways to earn as well as spend Neopoints in a useful manner. Neopets also teaches the children on ways in which you can take care of the pets. The game also teaches the users some of the basic HTML tagging that they need to create a basic webpage. Neopets is also said to be a step higher than Tamagotchi and a step lower than Pokemon.

What are Neopets Dailies?

Neopets Dailies is the place where the users can earn neopoints. There are many games available at the Dailies that a user can play to get neopoints. Here there are plenty of games that the users can play with a time limit. These games vary from arcade to anagram and also involve a little bit of gambling with the neopoints. Some games can be played only once a day while the others can be played with a time gap. There are also some other game that require you to spend your neopoints in order to earn more points.


Neopets has been in the market for over a decade and continues to have a high hit of visitors per day. It is not suitable for children below the age of 13. According to the report of the website, there are more women participants in the game when compared with other games. Neopoints can not only be earned but can also be bought with real money. When playing the game, a number of banner advertisements will appear. However, if you buy the premium membership, these ads will not be visible.

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