Overview On Bus Travel Service To Johor

If you are planning for a trip from Kaula Lumpur to Johor, you can easily afford a bus for your travel course, as buses have always been a convenient and comfortable mode of transport. Moreover, buses are always the cheapest way to travel from KL to JB. There are several buses connecting these two places like that of the:-

  • Konsortium bus Express
  • Kwok Ping travel
  • Era Mesra
  • Transnational


The daily Bus from KL to JB services are offered by Sri Maji group, thereby releasing the buses from Shah Alam terminal, Klang, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. The stops for these services at JB are located i Segamat, Tangkak, JB larkin terminal and many more.

The timely travel through buses is solely dependent on the traffic on the roadways. Somewhere, while the travel goes on, the bus takes a refreshment break at every time. This break almost lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes depending upon the schedule and timings of the bus. The buses include several facilities thereby ensuring the comfortable living of the people such as air conditioning chambers, fully reclining seats, on board toilets.


The journey throughout the entire route is accommodated properly and you can easily achieve the information’s through the various bus booking web sites. The entire journey is about three hours and fifty nine mins. Booking a bus is absolutely simple and in order to ensure a safe and pleasant journey, you can also book the ticket in advance. It provides you a flexible mode of transportation. There are so many bus operators residing around us and you can look at the list and select your comfortable timing of arrival as well as departure. Nowadays, credit and debit payment cards are also used while paying the cost of booking a seat for your journey. It helps you to get a seat prior to your choice.

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