Pewdieppie’s Youtuber Simulator Cheats And Tricks

Online celebrity Felix Kjellberg or better known as PewDiePie released a mobile game called PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator that reminded us all of just how popular he is. Announcing and asking all his 48 million subscribers to download and play his game lead to multiple server crashes and game errors. Essentially, you’ll be helping out your pocket tuber achieve his or her dream of gaining tons of views and subscribers with the ultimate goal in mind to dethrone PewDiePie in the game. In order to help you out, we have compiled PewDiePie’s YouTuber Simulator cheats and tricks to help you out in your journey to in-game fame.

Take Time to View Advertisements

Yes, we know, advertisements can become so annoying. The great thing about PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is that players actually have a choice if they do want to watch the advertisement; unlike other games that do nothing but shock and annoy you with their advertisement, you can skip the advertisements altogether. But of course, watching the advertisements will give you a lot more bonuses. One of the said bonuses is a boost, up to two times more in views as you show videos as well as a shorter delivery time when purchasing items. Dedicating a few seconds for viewing a short advertisement will gain you more than you can lose, game-wise.


Offer Your Brains to the Knowledge Tree

Every time that you level up or complete a quest, you receive a number of brains as reward. The brains you receive are actually points that you can use to improve certain perks found on your knowledge tree. Since there are so many perks but so few brains to trade, we highly recommend that you max out the View Boost as well as the Streaming. By doing so you can receive more view when making videos and even when you exit and stop playing for a while. Also, you should master one of the other perks aside from the two we mentioned. Focus on one, nobody likes a Jack-of-all-trades but master of none.

Shop and Improve Your Room


Much like in real life, more views go to those who have better backgrounds and quality. Your pocket Tuber will gain a lot better experience when you purchase more stuff for the room. Each item would increase the level of a trend as well as the level of your character; you’ll even gain a lot more bonuses with each item you buy. Of course the higher the level of the item or the more expensive it is then the better the experience gain would be; so do your best to quickly level up in order to unlock items. At first, you shouldn’t worry about the overall look of the room, there are bound to be mismatched furniture and accessories here and there. When the time comes that you have more views than you need, you can start purchasing the items that you actually want in order to create a single theme.

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