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Internet penetration has been increased by folds during the last decade. And so online shopping along with online bookings have increased exponentially over the last few years. While not many users would indulge in online shopping or booking a few years ago, today it is more like a natural activity. When you want to buy something, you simply order it online. And when you want to watch a movie, book a hotel room or even book a flight ticket, you simply book it online. Well, this wasn’t prevalent a few years ago. At least not for the majority of users.

Quite a lot of factors have helped such services gain more users in this time. For instance, the biggest proponent being the simple number of such emerging services and how they simplified life for new users. When a new service becomes a trend, more people are enticed to use it. Especially so when the services tend to ease their lives. After all most people would prefer to book a movie ticket on the go rather than waiting in the queue at the box office. Same goes for hotel and flight bookings.


Popularity – Does it matter?

Often there are a lot of service providers in online services such as hotel bookings and tickets bookings. But unless then gain fame and popularity, not many users are bound to use them. So when a service becomes truly popular, due to any reasons, it gains a large user base and also a large backing from investors. So for instance when Expedia became popular, it was able to expand to more countries. And eventually, its presence has reached Asia Pacific countries as well. Now it boasts of both hotel bookings and flight tickets booking services.

Incentives in Form of Offers and Discounts

People often need some sorts of incentives to use new online platforms. So online portals often offer offers and discounts, especially more so to the new joining users. This gives the users the much needed incentive to use the service, also select it over the competition. For instance terms like Expedia coupon are fairly common as well as popular within new users. They can allow users to avail some exciting discounts while booking hotels and flight tickets. There are referral offers where existing users can invite new users and both receive some sort of benefits.


Targeting Newer Areas

While Expedia is primarily popular for hotel booking and flight tickets, it is expanding to newer areas. Packages are a popular trend on Expedia. Recently, Expedia has expanded its services to car rentals along with holiday activities. While the former is pretty self-explanatory, the latter includes the various activities that can be performed at various tourist spots. For instance, parasailing and snorkelling are both activities that can be performed at particular holiday destinations. While Expedia operates at its own level, there are various global travel brands like,, trivago, and so on that are a part of Expedia group.

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