Real Estate In Israel And The Growing Population

Israel has always used its resources judiciously, but there have been increasing prices in immobilier israel sur lately. The growing population there is partly to be blamed, just like any other region in the world. Land has always been a denominator in market prices. Land prices have varied vastly with the fluctuating market prices. Increasing land prices in turn increase the production costs for industries and eventually increase the market prices.


If we compare prices of land for the same area in same locality, let’s say at present and for a decade ago, the increase is almost exponential. Comparing it with the rises in the twentieth century immediately helps us come to the realization. Prices are always going to rise, courtesy of the growing population. Today this is common knowledge. But a couple of decades back, not many could foresee this. Those who did, bought land cheap and have made almost insane profits off of it today. And it is always going to increase.

With the growing population, there isn’t enough space for all to stay comfortably, for production, of goods and otherwise, and agriculture. In fact, much of the world’s population is concentrated in certain densely populated areas. So forests are cleared to increase the land in use for all kinds of activities.


In these densely populated areas, the real estate business has a major role to play in the economy. Prices in these areas are almost sky high. No ‘normal’, rather even a decently rich individual can even think about buying an apartment near the Central Park in New York. The more developed the area, the higher are the prices of property. On the contrary, in a small city, let’s say in the state of Texas, it would be much easier to own an entire house.

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