Showbox App Problems And Errors And Some Basic Step How To Fix Errors Easily

Showbox is free online video streaming app which provides a categories of different videos of movies and TV shows. The app consists of huge library of recent and the old movies. Showbox app is regarded as one of the best online streaming app in the world. The number of the viewers increases day by day with good reviews. The show box app is user friendly and with an ease you can easily download and watch the movies for free. Show box is found in all types of the android handsets and also on the personal computers.

Problems associated with the showbox app.

One thing to consider is showbox app is not found in the google play store and you have to download it from the web browser and then install it directly on your phone by changing some setting. Installation of the app when it come to the personal computer is difficult when compared with the showbox for the android. For windows OS You need to download the android emulators such as bluestacks in order to run the android. When it comes to apple IOS you need to download another emulator called the Genemotion or the ARC welder. Installing such apps other than their original stores always leads to some problems.


Errors in showbox app and steps to fix it:

The app is frankly fun to watch but when you are watching your favourite movies with similes sudden the showbox app is crashed and showing errors. This will surely kill your smiles and makes as irritate. The older version of the showbox app has some bugs and error like showbox app not working and server problems,  server not found, show box app update not working, the video you are looking for not available and try in the another server, crashing of the website. Fix server problems etc. the developers are looping hard to come against this to solve the errors as fast as possible. But there some easy steps that you can solve this errors by your own. This is step by step guide to solve the errors in showbox app

Steps to solve the showbox app not working problem:


Showbox has been released for different versions but the sad thing is the app crashes when you watching the videos and become difficult to continue make us feel like a hell which some other like shows error video not available and try in another server. But if you patient enough you can solve such problems by your own in just a fraction of time.

Uninstall the older version and update with new version of showbox app:

The older version of the app has lot of error so it is recommend to download the new version of the app which is somewhat a bug and error free. So if you install the new version it helps in reducing the problems and errors. The newer version of the showbox app is 4.68 and it was released on 22nd of July 2016.

Clear cache:

Show box app works great but the main problem is if you watch the movies for long time the app causes the cache error which may leads to the crashing of the app. This crashing of the app mainly results in server not found issues and not working problems.

You can easily solve this problem by following the above steps:

  • Open your mobile and click on setting option and then general button.
  • Then click on the application manager and now scroll down until you find all option or all application
  • Then select the showbox app and click on it.
  • Then click on the clear data and the clear cache.
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