Tallinn Helsinki- Best Places To Visit For Vacation Or Business

Tallinn is one of the largest cities and the capital of Estonia. It is situated at the northern coastline of the Estonia. It has a total area of 61.5 square kilometer or 159.2 square kilometer with 417, 741 inhabitants. The old town of Tallinn is one of the UNESCO heritage sites in the world. This city was recognized as a European capital of the culture such as Finland and Turku. Now, the Tallinn is on the list of top 10 digital cities in all over the world. The great uniqueness of this city is one of the very few European sites that have a lot of monuments of that time.

Helsinki is another famous city and the capital of Finland. It is located in the South of the country, which lies on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. This city is quite small and also a lot of visitors will be attracted by the city’s architecture, shopping, culture and also love to enjoy the forests, parks and coastline with its more islands in the city. One of the most impressive attractions on this city is the National Museum of Finland that consists of a broad collection of dating back to prehistoric times through to the present day.


Guide to travel Tallinn Helsinki

When you love to travel couple of two stunning cities during the vacation, the Tallinn Helsinki are the great choice for you. Both cities have a plenty of beautiful sightseeing places, which highly attracts a thousand of visitors to come every year. Many of them can visit these places for vacation and a few of them are visiting for business purpose. Actually, the Tallinn Helsinki is located around 80km to the South of Helsinki. The major strengths of this city are logistics, tourism and IT. One of the most attractive things in Helsinki is Museum that welcomes millions of visitors every year.

Today, many companies can offer the services to travel from Tallinn to Helsinki. It allows the passenger to take a car with them to reach that place. Once you have reached these towns, you should be able to look the lots of sightseeing places. Outside the old town, the Tallinn Zoo is located, which is the home to the best collection of mountain goats and sheep in the world. Of course, the other sight of nature will also be able to see in Tallinn like Soomaa National Park, which is about 100 miles south to the Helsinki.

Enjoy traveling for two cities Helsinki and Tallinn

When you decide to travel two cities like Tallinn Helsinki, first of all you must understand of both cities through the comparison and the visitor experiences. The traveling of these two cities affords to deep reflective practice for people who may be reinventing life. When you look forward to new paths in your life, travel to a new place is a great remind to all of us that brings lifetime memorable experience over time. Therefore, the Helsinki and Tallinn offer the visitor such times.

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