The Fallout Shelter Tips For Enternats


On the release the Fallout shelter game received very positive reviews from the players and the critics also enjoyed the game very much. The main problem with the game was that it lack a proper ending. The game made a revenue of $5.1 million in sales in the release of its initial first two weeks. The fallout shelter tips are mentioned below -:

  • Fallout Shelter Tip to Avoid Having Empty Rooms. The Rad Roachs love an empty room and the best way to deal with them and to keep them away is to make sure every room has at least one Dweller in it.


  • Fallout Shelter Tip that If An Incident Occurs like a fire takes place, then one should not to flee but rather try to drag more dwellers into the room. The more support the team have available, the quickly the problem can be sorted.
  • Fallout Shelter Tip 7 is to Upgrade the Health of Your Vault Door Early. On If the player has enough bottle cap then the player should definitely strengthen your Vault door. The raiders are always ready to make the loot so if the player is not keeping the vault secure, then he can his lots of achievements go waste. Always make sure that you are placing a fully equipped dweller to the entrance of the vaults.
  • Fallout Shelter Tip to Make Some Babies, But Be Responsible .Making babies is something one should definitely do to increase the vault population but one should do this task with responsibility. The Dweller who is pregnant can’t handle any disaster situation and make sure that you have ample of food to feed the babies. For the difficult situation one have to keep options of other dwellers.


  • Fallout Shelter Tip that When the player Send his Dwellers Out to Explore the player should Make Sure that They’re Well Equipped. The most important tip is if the player is going to send the dwellers out he should make sure the dweller is properly equipped with protective gear, the firearms. For their own safety and protection they must be properly equipped.
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