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The Thrill Of Online Shooting Games!

As he looked into the computer screen, his hands moving fiercely, his steely eyes showed nothing but grit and determination. His mind was focused as laser and as the mouse traversed frantically under the command of his hand, a character simultaneously moved on his screen annihilating every other figure which seemed to be enemy. It was as though he was fighting the battle in person, having sworn a vow to destroy the enemies and taste sweet victory. As his character loaded his gun, everything around him blurred except the vision of the battle arena. And as victory came with flying colours, waves of ecstasy spread inside him just like a stone thrown into a lake spreads ripples. Yes, he was a hardcore gamer. And every victory brought him an inner sense of satisfaction that nothing else could ever bring. Games were not just a means of passing time for him. It was something that was dear to him and same is the case with millions of people all across the globe!

Games are not just a means of entertainment, they are also known to drastically sharpen reflexes and make a person think on their feet. Apart from this, they are also known to induce a sense of addiction and are the perfect way to while away time. While some believe that games are a waste of time, many indulge in this fun activity. Especially with the worldwide presence of internet, it is absolutely redundant for one to shell out money on gaming consoles and things like the PlayStation and Xbox. These are not exactly easy on the pocket and are not suited for those who are not extremely passionate about gaming. While some do not settle for anything but high quality gaming, most others are content with online games. There are a multitude of genres in gaming, such as action, adventure, strategy, shooting, racing, puzzles, etc.

Each of them have their own charm and enthrall various sections of the gaming community. While action and adventure brings out the inner child in each player, strategy requires the usage of our grey cells. Racing gives a rush of adrenaline while puzzles are a joy to solve for the inquisitive. Shooting on the other hand, needs a combination of many skills. It needs a keen military mind with quick reflexes and the urge to destroy the enemy. One must be comfortable with the gore and violence that usually accompanies this genre. Unsuitable for the faint hearted, it usually revolves around the concept of battling the enemies with arms and ammunition and achieving victory.

Shooting is a genre which is generally popular among boys. Requiring more than just a good aim, this genre needs an inner aggression that girls generally shy away from. One extremely popular shooting video game is Counter Strike, also known as CS, which revolves around the basic idea of terrorism, hostage, bomb defusal and rescue. It grew on to become a household name in the gaming community, which is why the makers developed and released a number of follow-up versions like Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Counter Strike: Source, Counter Strike: Neo, etc. which are especially popular in the Asian countries. In fact, CS was originally released only on Windows OS, but it can now be enjoyed on PlayStation and Xbox as well. Having sold over 25 million units by 2011, CS is still going strong and shows no signs of fading into the background in the gaming world.

There are a number of other shooting games ruling the roost like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops, etc. which are loved by millions of fans. While these heavy duty games have become household names in the gaming arena, some gamers also prefer to choose the path of online gaming. There are thousands of options to choose from and all these games can be played easily on the PC, without any issues of storage or downloading. The only requirement is a decent internet connection and one is good to go! Before going into the specifics of online shooting, let’s look into what exactly a PC game is. Also known as a computer game, its defining characteristic lies in the fact that there is no central controlling authority governing it which means that a greater amount of power is vested in the hands of the user in terms of controlling the software and hardware. In simple words, one does not have to invest in a dedicated video game console or arcade machine to play it.

There are innumerable options on the internet and some of the websites that cater to the thirst for shooting games are,, and so on. All these websites provide free games and there are a variety of options to choose from. One can also judge the popularity of a game with the help of the rating system developed by the website. Every user is encouraged to rate the game after playing it, thus giving a clear idea to future users about which games are played by the majority. Though these online games do not boast of the impeccable graphics in some of the high quality games, they are ideal for short term playing. There is no better option than this, if one wishes to simply unwind for a short period of time by shooting tiny figures and splashing a little blood on the screen. For those who enjoy unblocked games, Shooter Job 3 is a good option. Shooting Engine, Stealth Sniper, Alien Attack Team, Gun Mayhem Redux, etc. top the list in terms of popularity. And to top it all, these websites do not demand any sort of registration or payment. One can keep playing for hours, without any hassle. Such is the beauty of online gaming!


Yes, gaming is indeed an ocean waiting to be discovered and explored by young and older minds alike. It has no age limit and can be enjoyed by anyone. New games keep getting developed and as we step into the age of technology, better graphics and animations are contributing towards a magical gaming experience like never before. Game developers are stepping up to the challenge and newer genres are being introduced to satiate the hungry audience. Another factor that adds value to a game is the music. Accomplished musicians are being hired for this purpose and no stone is being left unturned in terms of making the game a masterpiece. After all, developing a game is no easy task. Blood, sweat and tears of the developer translate into billions of lines of code and the end product astonishes us! Of course, developing a game is not just about writing good code or developing fantastic graphics. One needs other supporting elements like a good story line, good music, interesting twists and quests to keep the player interested. Also, it is vital to be original in this cut-throat industry because nobody will opt for a game that has been ripped off from another.

While gaming does have a thrill associated with it that can be matched by no other activity, it also has a downside. Excessive gaming leads to an addiction that makes people lose touch with reality. Their world begins to revolve around games and if this addiction crosses a certain threshold, it starts having its own ill effects. Such people begin to lose interest in other important activities in life. Life is not only about virtual role playing; it is about being in touch with reality while enjoying the occasional virtual thrills. Attaining victories on screen can give immense satisfaction, but that victory is momentary and does not hold too much credibility in the real world unless one wants to become a professional gamer and compete in international competitions. Then again, only one in a million reach those phenomenal heights and for the rest, gaming is a mere hobby. Excessive gaming can lead to a number of issues like deteriorating eyesight, headaches and short attention spans, among many others. More importantly, it becomes difficult to disconnect from the virtual world because the person begins to confuse virtual with real. Of course, this is not the case with every gamer, but hardcore gamers should constantly reconnect with their real lives and prevent themselves from falling into this trap. Of course, such addiction is rare and for some it is inevitable, since every coin has two sides to it.


Life is all about enjoying every experience offered to us. We live in an age of constant innovation and it would be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of all the advancements in technology. There is nothing better than a nice game when one wants to simply unwind from a hectic day at work. So who said games are only for children and teenagers? Some may opine that games are a complete waste of time but that is far from the truth. Life is all about maintaining a healthy balance and achieve satisfaction in all arenas. So which game are you going to try your luck on?

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