What Is Clash Royale ?

Clash Royale is a mobile video fame which is based on warfare strategy . It includes tower defense , an online battle arena and a collectible cards game . The game was  launched in Canada , Hong Kong , Australia , Sweden , Norway , Denmark , Iceland , Finland and New Zealand on the iOS platform on 4th January , 2014 . On the android platform it was released on 16th February , 2016 . It officially got a worldwide release on 2nd March , 2016 . Since its release Clash Royale has become one the most downloaded and top grossing app on the iStore in U.S.A. It has also got positive reviews from critics and from all-round the world .


The rankling of players in Clash Royale is done depending on the arena and level of the player . In the game there are a total of thirteen levels and nine arenas. You can win the game by destroying more towers than the opponent . Destroying the King’s tower of the opponent  is also another way to triumph , this gives the player 3 crowns  . Each player plays a hand of four cards from a deck of eight cards . The players must possess elixir  for play the cards with refills over time . Various arenas are unlocked by  using a fixed amount of trophies. These trophies can be won or lost by winning or losing battles . Donating cards or upgrading cards

You can also purchase gems and gold in the play shop using PayPal or various online banking forums . Chests can be earned by winning a multi-player battle or by using gems and jewels . The kind of chest you earn depends on the time . There are various kinds of chest like Silver Chest , Gold Chest , Giant Chest , etc . The unlocking of chests can be done fast using gems . The chests contain gold , gems and cards and various kinds of chests contain these items in varying quantities . A maximum number of 4 chests can be held by a player at a time  . Once in every four hours free chests are given out to people and once everyday the player has the opportunity to earn a crown chest using 10 crowns won during a victory  . Free chests and crown chests always unlock automatically.


The players play through 9 arenas each requiring a certain amount of trophies and you start in training camp where you learn how to battle and progress through the game . Clans may be formed by the players and friendly battles maybe held amongst clan members  which doesn’t affect trophies or chests . Other clanmates may watch while two other clan members battle it out . Clan members may also ask for cards from one another and donate cards to each other, and this some good and experience is provided when this feature is completed.

Now cheat codes are very common with tough games as the player gets bored of trying to complete one arena to move onto the next so there are always cheat codes included in the game programme itself which had helped the developer to move past a level easily without much trouble during the time of game testing . So players slot of times come up with these cheats that help them move on fast with the game but sadly Clash Royale cheat doesn’t have any such cheat codes as the developers wanted the players to be indulged into the game for a really long time , and have therefore not left any shortcuts for us . You will be have to go through the entire game through your tactics , abilities and patience and move with time .


Still some third party servers promises us Clash Royal cheats that provide us with unlimited gold and elixir . All you need to do is go onto their website , provide them with your ID and the amount of gold you need . Then you go and login into your account and you’ll find that your gold has been replenished . Still these servers don’t work mostly because they try to interlude with the servers of the Clash Royale , and the developers of Clash Royale block the external . So rather play to your capabilities and enjoy the game to the fullest rather than applying cheat codes in order to run out the game faster.

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