What is Website Design?

A popular career today, website design is all about creating and designing a website with an objective of presenting the desired data or content aesthetically on the electronic web pages. It may involve designing web pages or a complete website in itself. Contrary to the popular conception, website design is not just responsible for the visual appearance of the website (color, graphics, layout, font) but it also includes taking care of its technical aspects and making it more user friendly.

Some of these factors are as follows-

  1. Use of multimedia- The use of multimedia enhances the end result of a website. Use of audios and videos helps to deliver the right message in an effective manner. The information gets passed on in an easier and a quick manner. The user, for this reason might like to explore the website for a longer time.
  2. Technology- The website must be designed keeping in mind the advancement in technology and the latest in it. No user would like to use a website that is not technologically updated.
  3. Ease of navigation- The main menu and the other tools and also the other structures in the site should be designed to promote an easy navigation within the website. It helps to find the information quickly and smoothly and also adds to the experience of the user.
  4. Make it interactive- Making a website interactive helps to create a bond between the company and the user. Adding opinion polls, a small quiz or feedback forms are all forms of making a website interactive. By signing up for a regular newsletter or filling up a feedback mail, a lot of information about the visitor can be gathered and the visitor might end up becoming a client.
  5. Increased compatibility- With the advancement in technology, another thing that a website should be is highly compatible. With the availability of several browsers, too many operating systems, it is very important for a website to be able to perform with all of them with the same ease. And this is precisely what compatibility is.

Web designing is among the top careers today. It is a good blend of creative as well as technical skills. Web designers Kassel in Germany is famous for excelling in the field. They pay attention to individual requirements of a client and combine it with planning and analysis to deliver excellent results.

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